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Public transportation - A practical alternative

One of the problems facing Americans living in Naples is how to get around the city and suburbs conveniently and economically, without having to drive in the traffic. Fortunately, the city of Naples has a well-developed network of public transportation operating throughout the week, including Sundays. This system includes city and suburban buses, rail transportation (streetcars, subways, trains and cable cars), hydrofoils, ferries, and taxis.

The purpose of this guide is to help you become familiar with the primary means of transportation available, by providing a general summary, route maps, and operating hours.

When using this guide, it should be kept in mind that schedules, routes, tickets, and types of transportation are subject to change. For details and/or updates on departure times consult "Qui Napoli", the local newspaper "Il Mattino", and/or the Installation Travel & Tour office (ITT) at the NSA Agnano or NSA Capodichino.







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Last edited on June 5, 2004