Gadding about town...

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Bar Ariston, located across from the parking area.


Salvatore, your host and barrista.


Forget the diet and get a cornetto.


Looking west from Vietri along the Amalfi coast.


My favorite shop, they make really funky lamps and uniquely colored pottery.


The artist is in the white coat.


This shop is all the way at the top of the street, across from the piazza.


The pottery from NovAria doesn't fit into the usual four categories.


This is Ceramica Solimene, the largest factory in Vietri.


Inside Ceramica Solimene: the pottery is destined for Nieman-Marcus and Saks, but you can buy it at a fraction of the cost.


If you are looking for hand painted tile, check out Cear l'arte del cotto.


My baker's rack needs a scene painted across six 15cm tiles. Caval has some of the best I've seen.



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