Links to Ceramic Shops in and near Vietri

Venera Ceramica Italian only, no online shopping, few pictures.  Located in Vietri.  One of the few Vietri ceramic shops with an online presence---they do enough business without having to sell online.

Ceramica Cerasella Italian & English.  No online shopping.  Nice variety of pictures and styles. This store is located in Salerno.

Vietri Store Italian & English.  Online shopping, Italian style.  Good prices, reasonable selection.  The store is located in Salerno.

Ceramiche d'Italia Italian & English .  Online shopping, Italian style.  Reasonable prices, although you have to buy in large quantities. 

Ceramica Rifa Italian & English.  The English pages don't work well, so use the Italian ones.  Located in Vietri.  Lots of pictures on the Italian pages.

Le Terre della Fenice Italian & English, no online shopping, no location information, numerous pictures.

Ceramica Assunta Italian & English, no online shopping.  Some of their wares may be found in Positano, and if memory serves these stores are the only ones there with reasonable prices.

And for more information.... Contains information about the city and the surrounding region.  Their ceramics information is in the links above. This site contains information about hotels, transportation, restaurants, etc.  Once again, not much on the ceramics.

Follow the links at to find out more about Vietri and other towns along the Amalfi coast.

Getting to Vietri gives you a few options for finding the town.

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Last edited on May 22, 2004